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The Bible - truth for living

Our Vision Statement is:
'Receiving, living and declaring the Word of God, in a dying world, by the power of the Holy Spirit'
Our practice as a church is firmly built on the Bible as the Word of God. We base our teaching on the Bible. We encourage everyone to read the Bible regularly on their own; in couples; in C3s and fellowship groups. We look to the Bible to guide us in all areas of our lives and work, both individually and as a fellowship. We look to God to help us understand the Bible in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This quote from Chris Green gives a feel for how vital the Bible is: "The Bible drives people to repentance and faith in Christ, over and over again.  It restores bust marriages, brings drunks to a place of generosity, reconciles people who have hurt each other too deeply, makes a bitter person thankful, turns an atheist into a worshipper, creates a community for a person who is shunned by society because they don’t fit it, gives someone patience, again and again. It’s the means the Holy Spirit uses to meet our deepest longings, more deeply than we ever thought possible. It’s where we see, hear, meet Jesus as Lord and Saviour."

The first step to reading and living the Bible is to commit ouselves to putting into action what God says to us. The second step is to find a reliable, modern translation. We use the New International Version in our services but you can find other good translations in one of our local Christian Bookshops. A third step is to share with others what God has said to us so that we can be encouraged and challenged together.

Finally check out the pictures below for some ideas about helps for reading the Bible. These vary from simple verse of the day emails to notes for different ages and stages in following Jesus through to multi media content for your PC or smartphone. Talk to Ruth Westall if you would like to know more about Bible reading notes.




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