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If you are visiting Hillview or just finding out more about The Way - as the early Christian movement was called (Acts 9:2) - we do not expect you to give to our work at all.

However for those who have committed themselves to belong to Hillview we would encourage you to consider how to support the Church by meeting with us when you can, praying for us and with us and by giving. Jesus had lots to say about how we use our money! So did the early Church leaders whose letters form part of our New Testament.

Giving to Hillview not only supports our work in Hucclecote but also exciting projects and people across the UK and in many countries around the world. See the display in the foyer or the World Vision page on the website.

There is a chance to give every Sunday morning but many of the congregation give by direct debit (with or without reclaiming tax via Gift Aid) or via Charity Accounts that reclaim tax for you (such as CAF or Stewardship). If you shop online there are even ways to give to charities at no extra cost to yourself (eg Give As You Live).

If you would like to know more ask the church office for details.

The Hillview Evangelical Church Charity Accounts for 2016 are available on the Charity Commission website. Please note these refer to both Hillview and Abbey Church as we are part of the same Charity.

'When we give freely, we receive back from God. We grow spiritually. We become more fully human, as God intended us to be. We contribute to and share in the growth of God‘s kingdom. We have the joy of seeing other people‘s lives transformed.' (see Malachi 3:10) [from 'Money for God‘s Sake' by Evangelical Alliance 1993].


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