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The Hub

Hillview is working together with the other churches in the area, under the banner of ‘The Hub’. We are particularly looking for opportunities to get involved in the local area, and make Jesus more widely known here in Hucclecote.

To that end, we’ve done:
- Joint Holiday Clubs, hosted by each of the churches in turn
- Nativity On A Lorry 2011 - 2015
- Joint services moving around the churches of the area
- A joint First Aid course for young people
- Joint toddler group activities

Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/587993281245516/

For more information, please speak to Mike Webber, Jude Spiller or Julia Tyas.

Nativity on a Lorry

Each Christmas, we work together with the other churches in Hucclecote to bring a unique event to the area: a Nativity, on a Lorry!  For two nights we bring the characters, songs and atmosphere of the Christmas story to around 1500 local households and given them something to remember, as well as something to remind them about how central Christ is to Christmas!

The full Hub Terms of Reference are as follows:
This is a joint project open to all Christian churches operating in or near to the district of Hucclecote currently involving:
Hucclecote Methodist Church
Hillview Evangelical Church
St Philip and St James (Church of England)

In 2010 the Church Council of Hucclecote Methodist Church, the Elders of Hillview Evangelical Church and the PCC of St Philip and St James Church of England agreed to work together to share our gifts, traditions and resources to further the unity of the Church and the mission of Christ.

HUB is an acronym for Hucclecote Uniting Believers.
We are also a Hub in the sense that the steering group has a central organising role, but other groups meet as satellite groups.

The steering group will consist of about three members of each church to be appointed by each church. The role of the Hub will be prayerfully to offer leadership in joint ventures between the churches in the following ways:

1          To consider and promote mission opportunities for the churches in Hucclecote
2          To bring together people from the different churches to work on specific events, topics, projects
3          To arrange times when we worship and pray together
4          To initiate 'market research' into any ideas that appear promising
5          To look at potential funding sources for proposed projects



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