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  We have a large selection of books, old and new which are available to be borrowed. There is also a selection of CDs and DVDs.

  Please make a note of any items you take and return them as soon as you have finished with them.

  There are sections for those wanting to find out more about Christianity; commentaries on Bible books; christian fiction; daily readings; books for new Christians, helps for parents; children's books; a youth section (in the flat); group studies (including some with DVDs) and a large general section. Apart from the commentary section most others are filed alphabetically in author order.

  The library isn't fully catalogued yet but the majority of adult books are listed here if you are looking for a particular title or author.

  New donations of recent books in good condition that you have found helpful are welcome - please pass them on to Tom Pickett.

  Please remember that the views expressed by authors and speakers are not necessarily those of Hillview Church though we do aim to ensure books in the library are consistent with our Statement of Faith and our vision and values.



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